Master Plan

The Biodesign Institute is master-planned as four interconnected buildings comprising nearly 800,000 sq. ft. Buildings A and B are complete and house more than 600 faculty, staff and students. The rendering below shows the facility as it will look when completed. Buildings C and D are proposed for future construction as need and funding dictate. 


The buildings will all share a common entry.  The facility's visitor entrance is at the north end of building B. Parking is in the Terrace Street garage.

buildinga.pngBuilding A

Building A was completed in December 2004 and includes 172,000 square feet on four levels.


buildingb.pngBuilding B

Completed in January 2006, Building B has 175,000 square feet. It faces Tyler Street and serves as the main entrance to the Institute. The lobby features a small café open to the public and a presentation theatre for public seminars as well as Institute meetings.