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John Chaput, PhD


The Biodesign Institute, Personalized Diagnostics


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry


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Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.
Professor, The Biodesign Institue

Prof. Chaput joined the faculty at ASU in January of 2005 after completing his Post-Doctoral Fellowship in molecular biology and genetics at Harvard Medical School.

Chaput applies the principles of natural selection to evolve functional molecules in the laboratory. This methodology (also referred to as test tube evolution) makes it possible to create artificial molecules with tailor-made properties. 

One fundamental question that Chaput is attempting to address is whether nature sampled all possible protein folds or just a small subset of the possible protein folds that are available in the protein universe. Through a process of in vitro selection and structure determination, Chaput is identifying new protein folds with specific, pre-defined functions. This approach of de novo protein evolution has the potential to create tailor-made proteins for biotechnology and molecular medicine.

Chaput is also interested in uncovering hidden proteins that remain buried in the shadows of the human genome. Using an integrated experimental-bioinformatics approach, Chaput is examining human DNA for sequences that enhance the translation of new proteins. This project has the potential to dramatically expand our current understanding of how genetic information is encoded in the genome. 

Lastly, Chaput is developing artificial affinity reagents that recognize human proteins with high affinity and specificity, but overcome or avoid many of the problems associated with traditional antibodies. This approach has the potential to dramatically improve the rate at which high quality protein affinity reagents are generated to human proteins. 

Selected Publications


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