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Wei Kong

Assistant Research Professor

The Biodesign Institute, Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology

Selected Publications


  • Brenneman, K. C. Willingham, W. Kong, R. Curtiss 3rd, and K. Roland.. Low pH Rescue of Acid-Sensitive Salmonella Typhi Strains by a Rhamnose-Regulated Arginine Decarboxylase System.. J. Bacteriol. (2013) Refereed Articles.
  • Kong, W, J. E. Clark - Curtiss, and R. Curtiss 3rd.. Utilizing Salmonella for antigen delivery: the aims and benefits of bacterial delivered vaccination.. Expert Review of Vaccines. (2013) Refereed Articles.


  • Kong, W, M. Brovold, B. A. Koeneman, J. E. Clark - Curtiss, and R. Curtiss III.. Turning self - destructing Salmonella into a universal DNA vaccine delivery platform.. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 109 (47): 19414 - 19419 (2012) Refereed Articles.


  • G. Zhao, W. Kong (Co-first author), Weatherspoon-Griffin, N., J. E. Clark-Curtiss and Y. Shi. Premature transcription termination requires Mg2+-enhanced MgtL translation within Mg2+ riboswitch. EMBO Journal (2011) Refereed Articles.
  • Shamaila Ashraf; Wei Kong; Shifeng Wang; Jiseon Yang; Roy Curtiss III. Protective cellular responses elicited by vaccination with influenza nucleoprotein delivered by a live recombinant attenuated Salmonella vaccine. Vaccine (2011) Refereed Articles.
  • Weatherspoon-Griffin, N., G. Zhao, W. Kong, Y. Kong, M. Morigen, H. Andrews-Polymenis, M. McClelland, and Y. Shi. The CpxR/CpxA two-component system upregulates two Tat-dependent peptidoglycan amidases to confer bacterial resistance to antimicrobial peptide. Journal of Biological Chemistry (2011) Refereed Articles.
  • Xiangmin Zhang; Soo-Young Wanda; Karen Brenneman; Wei Kong; Xin Zhang; Kenneth Roland; Roy Curtiss III. Improving Salmonella vector with rec mutation to stabilize the DNA cargoes. BMC Microbiology (2011) Refereed Articles.