Commercial Translation

The mission is to increase translational activity for early stage technologies while orienting research toward use inspired outcomes.  Commercial Translation engages with all facets of the ASU innovation ecosystem, such as AzTE and Venture Catalyst, to insure that ideas find the critical resources need to accelerate toward commercial success.

Biodesign Creation Space

The Biodesign Creation Space is a business intelligence activity that aligns discovery with use-inspired outcomes by facilitating interactions between researchers and industry experts for the purpose of identifying:

  • New product concepts
  • Distinguishing characteristics
  • Regulatory and market landscape
  • Intellectual property landscape
  • Path to technology translation
  • Strategic partners
  • Sources of translational funding
  • Suggested next steps

Biodesign Commercial Translation Project

Biodesign Commercial Translation Projects provide a mechanism for advancing technologies to a translational outcome through a staged process that involves:

  • Verification of commercial potential and business model development
  • Definition of critical translational milestones
  • Development of a project plan
  • Execution of the plan
  • Translational event

Projects are developed with a clear understanding of the voice of the customer, and the voice of the acquirer that will ultimately commercialize the technology. One source of candidates for Biodesign Commercial Translation Projects is the Biodesign Creation Space.