Our Bold Idea

The Center for Evolutionary Medicine and Informatics is devoted to research at the nexus of medicine, genomics, and evolution. Studying the DNA of a spectacular range of organisms across the evolutionary record reveals functionally important parts of the genome. This information is critical for a full understanding of the delicate interplay of our genes, diseases, and pathogens.

Our Inspiration

The staggering abundance of life on earth provides the center with a living laboratory. As more and more of this vast web of life is genetically decoded, sections of the genome preserved by nature through time and across species and changes permitted by evolution comprise biological signatures of human health and disease. This translates personal DNA profiles into medically useful information, which is a grand challenge in medicine today.

Our Impact

By pursuing integrated computer and experimental biological approaches, we are facilitating the discovery of important different parts of the genome and identification of the origins and propagation of genetic mutations critical for disease and health. To this end, we are developing unique, user-friendly, and robust tools to investigate human mutations and identify primary sources of pathogens.



Sudhir Kumar, PhD
Center for Evolutionary Medicine and Informatics