Education & Outreach

Student educational and outreach programs

Biodesign is positioned to provide benchside, hands-on research and educational experiences for both undergraduate and graduate students. Faculty members regularly include research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students in their funded research programs. Specialty educational programs ranging from a Ph.D. program in biological design to summer internships for high school students are a regular part of Biodesign’s commitment to improving the educational experience of current and potential future Arizona higher education students. In addition, Biodesign regularly provides employment opportunities for students in operational areas (facilities, information technology, finance, human resources) that meet the time constraints of an undergraduate program of study.

Swette Undergraduate Sustainability Internship

Work with some of the world’s most distinguished environmental biotechnology scientists who use microorganisms to provide sustainability services to society. Help them develop new ways to produce renewable energy, improve water quality, bioremediate contamination and improve health.
The internship is for students who will be juniors and seniors during the 2017-2018 school year. For 10-15 hours a week, successful applicants will be compensated $12,000. Apply by Jan. 20, 2017 to be considered. For more information, click here.

Banner/ASU-Biodesign Summer Training Program

The summer training program is designed to provide high school seniors (over the age of 18), undergraduate, and graduate students an opportunity to spend a summer working side-by-side with some of the world’s most talented scientists, clinicians and professionals in an environment devoted to neuroscientific biomedical research and clinical care.

Interns will be expected to commit 35-40 hours per week to the program. A stipend of $125/week during the 8-week summer program ($1,000 total) will be provided to the student upon their successful completion of the program.

Hands-on instruction provided in basic scientific techniques, which may include solution preparation, pipetting, microscopy, centrifugation, cell culture, and experimental design and analysis. These techniques will be taught in the context of the students’ participation in ongoing research projects and protocols that can be completed during the summer, with oversight by faculty at each participating facility. 

Graduate Education

Biodesign offers graduate research training via ASU’s Biological Design PhD program offered by the School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering. 

Program Highlights

Our graduate program in Biological Design seeks to develop a new type of scientist by training students in core disciplines related to biology while simultaneously preparing them to participate successfully in the interdisciplinary research teams of the future.

The research emphasis is on projects that are use-inspired, contributing directly to solutions for important societal challenges.

This is a highly mentored, personalized program providing interaction with the large and vibrant research community at ASU and with partner organizations locally and nationally. Students are expected to complete the program in 4-5 years. Students accepted into the Biological Design PhD program will be supported as Research Assistants (RAs) in the first year of study and generally through the term of their studies. We offer competitive compensation and a great work environment.

What is Biological Design?

Biological Design attempts to mimic or harness natural processes by understanding the rules by which nature designs highly adaptable and efficient systems. It employs the latest advances at the intersection of biology, engineering and computing to meet these needs.

The Ph.D. in Biological Design seeks creative thinkers who align themselves not by academic discipline but by a desire to engage with others in advancing human health and quality of life.

  • Designed around the student with a highly-mentored approach.
  • Focused on goal-oriented research projects that address urgent societal needs.
  • Employing the latest advances in the biosciences, engineering and informatics.
  • Building the skills to engage as a team member in interdisciplinary biosystems research.

This program is jointly offered through ASU’s Biological Design Institute, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

A collaboration of ASU's Biodesign Institute, CLAS, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. Visit the Biological Design PhD program website.

Outreach & Workforce Development

At the end of FY15, Biodesign has assembled a robust workforce of more than 500 personnel including several hundred students.

Workforce contributions measures are indicative of the impact of TRIF funding and research participation by undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral appointments within the TRIF projects. The measures also include the number of graduate students and post-doctoral researchers leaving ASU to enter the workforce.


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